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Contact your Texas State Representative and Senator. Let them know you support the bills that have been presented in prior legislative sessions designed to keep our senior citizens safe in their own homes.

The bills from the 87th Legislative Session held January-May 2021 include:

SB 864 filed by Senator Angela Paxton
HB 723 filed by Representative Jared Patterson
requiring officials to notify next-of-kin when medical examiners amend death certificates.

HB 723 passed and is now known as “Marilyn’s Law.”

SB 1132 filed by Senator Nathan Johnson
HB 3123 filed by Representative John Turner
which would enforce regulations on cash-for-gold and pawn shops like those frequented by Billy Chemirmir, where he sold items stolen from his elderly victims.

SB 1132 passed and is now law in the state of Texas.


The bills from the 88th Texas Legislative Session held January-May 2023 include:

HB 1100 filed by Representatives Julie Johnson, Jared Patterson, Matt Shaheen, Suleman Lalani and Senators Nathan Johnson and Tan Parker
which would require:

    • Guests/Visitors of properties to sign in and have name tag identification
    • Criminal activity on properties must be shared with residents
    • Background checks on employees and contract workers at Senior Living Communities
    • Law Enforcement is guaranteed access to residents when conducting criminal investigations
    • Forced arbitration clauses removed in leases for personal injury cases